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Safety Cabinet Solutions

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Safety Cabinet Solutions Ltd (SCS) - Our mission: to assist, advise and supply those whom want to get it right it right first time with  a selection of the best products and advice currently available - period!

Safety Cabinet Solutions Ltd offer the world's most efficient and safest range of Recirculating fume cupboards , School fume cupboards , Ducted fumecupboards, Chemical storage cabinets (as well as the most efficient, longest lasting replacement carbon filters for both our own and competitor ductless fumecupboards), Powder pcr  cabinets and Downflow Benches. We also supply  externally ducted fume cupboards as required when a recirculating carbon filtered fume cupboard is not a safe & suitable option..

Microbiological Safety Cabinets, ('msc', BS en12469 2000), class I, class II or class III, safety cabinets, biological safety cabinets (bsc, NSF49, biohazard cabinets, flow hoods, tissue culture cabinets, fume cupboards (fumecupboards) and laminar flow cabinets (laf) what are the differences between them? When should one use a class I safety cabinet instead of a fume cupboard (ducted or ductless)? and what's the difference between all those different standards I've heard about, BS this and EN that ?   BS5726, BS7258en12469, and NSF49 to name a few

Above are examples of a few of the many  questions we're asked (the half sensible ones at least --- you would not believe the stupid ones, like; No we won't embarrass anyone (they might be reading this)! 

Please browse our no nonsense friendly website and follow the numerous links for more information on the subject and directions to a selection of the finest 'air engineered' products and services currently available through Safety Cabinet Solutions Ltd (SCS).

Beware of untruths, misinformation, dangerous advice from fast talking sales personnel as well as poor performing and unreliable products (believe us there are many) which are all readily available to the unsuspecting buyer, ----------- though not of course from Safety Cabinet Solutions Ltd (SCS)

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